Song du Jour Nr. 146: The Go Reflex – Bright but not Blinding

The Go Reflex. In terms of the ratio between songs released vs. how much I like them, this might qualify as one of my favorite bands ever. Fronted by Bob Hoag, owner and producer at Flying Blanket Studio (and former Pollen drummer), they put out an EP in 2003 entitled Phosphate Antigen, and a handful of compilation tracks since then. That’s it. They recorded at least part of a full length -Say Goodbye to the Wet Life – but never released it. (But I did get my grubby paws on the demos, and they’re great). Instead, Bob has been producing other peoples’ bands, playing in other peoples’ bands, touring with other peoples’ bands, etc…

Bob. I have said it before. Please, please put out some more Go Reflex!!!

Everyone, please consider writing a strongly worded email ( to Bob requesting the same or post-bomb the studio facebook page with requests –  Tell them I sent you.

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